Happy Veterans Day

God bless America. God bless you. God bless me. God bless us all. Thank you ūüôā

Well, I spent most of the day doing next to nothing (I love lazy Sundays) and reading posts about people in the military. My husband and I watched a little football together and afterwards my kids and I watched a movie, two great pastimes. Everyone fell asleep for about an hour around 5 o’clock (highly unusual), which gave me some time to think¬†about what to do for dinner and also about the upcoming holidays. Fall is my favorite time of year because: 1) everything is beautiful outside 2) my first-born, my husband, and¬†myself are all “fall babies” and 3) Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I’m not supremely crafty (does that make sense?) although, when determined enough, I am a whiz at recreating ideas (a few weeks ago I¬†threw my son a helluva good¬†Train-themed¬†birthday party with homemade designs¬†taken from¬†photos I googled for inspiration). This year I want to make turkey cupcakes (um, let me clarify: cupcakes that look like turkeys) and I’m fairly certain that I can easily copy the¬†confections in¬†a photo I found online, even though there are no instructions. Typically it’s my husband who is the visual one (you know, the type who can put together an entire piece of furniture in thirty minutes without even¬†glancing at¬†the directions because he can “see” what pieces fit together…yeah, he’s one of those guys) but I’m feeling pretty confident. Plus, I think the kids will get a real kick out of decorating cupcakes to¬†resemble poultry (or at the very least, getting to lick the icing bowl)! I can hardly wait!! And isn’t it crazy to think Thanksgiving is¬†less than¬†two weeks away?! Let the countdown begin…


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